It’s all about the listening

It’s been a long time coming, but today’s National Poetry Day in the UK has galvanised us, and we’re finally back. We look forward to reading more classic poetry for you all to enjoy.

Our aim remains to give voice to the poetry of the past. We believe that poetry is for everyone and, as it’s almost always written to be spoken, that listening to poetry makes it more accessible – as well as adding to its emotional impact.

And it’s also clear that the poetry of the past still resonates with audiences today. A recent audit of the most requested poems on BBC Radio’s Poetry Please resulted in a list which includes Andrew Marvel, Shakespeare and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, with the most recent poem being Dylan Thomas’s Fern Hill, published in 1945. This is not to downplay the critical importance and power of more recent or contemporary poetry, but it is a reminder that there is much to be mined still from our rich literary heritage.

We want the Classic Poetry Aloud website and podcasts to be a home for anyone who enjoys reading and listening to poetry, and would welcome your feedback, requests for readings and ideas for how the project can be developed. You can email us at classicpoetryaloud [at], follow us on Twitter @ClassicPoetry or like our Facebook page:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Posted: 3 October 2013


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